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Frankie Pain Game Reviews

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 @ 08:08 AM

Frankie Pain has received some great reviews, here are some of the excerpts:

Reviewers Choice. Frankie Pain for Android has awarded Frankie Pain with a 5 Star rating and the overall Winner for the Reviewer’ Choice. The enemy is formidable and the task is deadly, but you’re up to the challenge. Download Frankie Pain now and save the world from alien destruction! Read More>>


Mobile Tech Review of Frankie Pain  

If you are a 2D scroller fan and want something new and different, Frankie Pain is worth checking out. The controls take a bit of time to master, but do try both control settings and pick one that fits you the best. The game has very enjoyable environment and decent amount of enemies to bring mildly frantic action. It doesn’t have a huge number of levels, but some levels might require several playthroughs to see everything. We wish there were more enemy varieties, but if you get the IAP weapon pack, you can at least get to use some very cool guns. Read More>>


Tapscape review of Frankie Pain  

With 13 levels to master, a cute lady Professor acting as your right-hand man, and tons of weapons to unlock, Frankie Pain for iPhone offers up a surprising amount of fun for a freebie. And despite some minor control annoyances, Frankie Pain is worth playing. Read More>>


iPhone Games Review of Frankie Pain

The looks of the game are very good. Obviously a lot of effort went into the 3D backgrounds and characters, and it paid off. While the graphics aren’t the best in the AppStore, for what would normally be a 2D side scrolling shooter, they’re a refreshing sight. The sounds, music and voice over are good, adding to the atmosphere while not distracting you from the action. Over all, Frankie Pain is definitely worth a download, and if you’re in the mood to try out different guns and see how your experience differs, you can enjoy the IAP offered by the game. Read More>>


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