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SkillPod Media launches new games into iTunes and Android Markets

Thursday, June 9, 2011 @ 08:06 AM

SkillPod Media has put a lot of recent effort into developing games for Apple iTunes and Android Market.

SkillPod’s motto is ‘Play Anywhere, Anytime, Playtime’. In the words of SkillPod CEO, Mark van Diggelen: “The name of the game is convergence. Players don’t want to be restricted as to when they play and what device they play on. We’re concentrating on making sure that players can play their favourite games wherever they are, with whatever they have in their hands.”

This is the latest element in the company’s all-encompassing strategy that has seen it roll out its casual and skill game platforms for entertainment websites and portals, and on social networking sites like Facebook.

New games for enthusiasts

A great new selection of games has been launched to coincide with this expansion.

These are all custom games, developed in-house – and SkillPod Media has already established an excellent reputation for coming up with some of the most popular and feature-rich games in the online gaming market.

First off there is Boys and Girls – a really cheeky take on being the new kid on the block. Players have to make friends and skirmish with the opposite sex in a fun struggle to rule the neighbourhood. The perfect game for pre-teens.

Galactic Striker is an intergalactic shoot-em-up with a comic book story line that will appeal to everyone from vintage Star Wars fans to those who love comic book sci-fi.

Finally there is Pig Pop, which is best described as popping bubble wrap with silly animal sounds for extra satisfaction. We all know how mystifyingly addictive it is to pop bubble wrap. Now you can do it in a competitive game, with increasing difficulty as more animals join in to be popped.

All of these new games are available across the entire SkillPod Media online gaming network, on its Facebook platform, and in Apple iTunes and Android Market. Some of these will be available to download at a price, while others will earn revenue from advertising – allowing SkillPod clients to take advantage of the global mobile market of some 5 billion users.

In-game revenue opportunities

SkillPod has used a mix of business modules for this 1st phase. These include free play, ad supported games and ‘lite’ versions that limit play to the 1st few levels (users can then purchase the full version or versions that have no restrictions or advertising). The next phase will see the introduction of in-game purchasing, like the ability to buy add-on packs and power-ups, and to unlock new levels.

SkillPod will be adding at least 2 new titles per month and making them available for branding and licensing by advertisers and brand owners.

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