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Johannesburg, 3 September 2013 — SkillPod Media, a leading white label games platform provider, today announced that, as part of their efforts to increase their reach into the US markets, the launch of new white label gaming solutions for 2 of the US’s largest publishers, NBC Universal and Sony Pictures Entertainment, have gone live.

SkillPod Media has been in business since 2007, with the primary vision to provide publishers with a gaming solution that could be fully white labelled, localised and be seamlessly integrated with their existing user registration (Single Sign-on) platforms, thus allowing them to offer a compelling games offering to attract and retain users. The SkillPod platform has been further enhanced with the addition of a number of new API’s that allow 3rd party developers to integrate their titles into the platform, this gives the added advantage of offering publishers a single content management solution, that is fully integrated with multiple game developers, further to this users need only register once and are then able to access all the titles and content across the games portal. To date the likes of BigPoint, R2 Games, XS Software, LeKool, Innogames, Blue Frog Gaming and a number of other premium game developers have integrate their titles into the SkillPod platform.

NBC Universal was looking to either develop their own platform or partner with a solutions provider that could offer them a games platform with the flexibility and functionality that they’d identified. What they required was a solution that could be fully re-skinned and branded to fully reflect the brand identity of their SyFy brand, a solution that could seamlessly interface with their legacy and new user registration platforms (SSO) and for the user to be allowed to play the game titles of their 3rd party game providers, without the need to register of login again. Included in the requirements was a primary proviso that 3rd party game content could be fully integrated into the platform, thus ensuring them of a single delivery platform that includes content from multiple providers.

The SkillPod team delivered on the requirements and in most cases went beyond the initial scope, this is what Jeff Li – Corporate Development at NBC Universal had to say “Skillpod, has consistently, and we enthusiastically recommend them to other big media companies worldwide”.

Another top USA based publisher, Sony Pictures Entertainment, wanted a solution that could be easily integrated into their CMS platform. The primary requirement being that the games could be fully translated and deployed across multiple television channels and to the countries that they operate within. The SkillPod solution catered for these needs and to date 40 games titles have been translated into 11 languages and have been deployed across multiple Sony television brands, in 22 countries. The platform tracks all game play activity per title, language and channel, with the pre-roll advertising being delivered according to a number of predefined criteria, including language and geographic location.

The SkillPod White Label Games Platform offers publishers the following core features:
 Ability to fully white label the look and feel of the games portal;
 Integrate with existing user registration platform, creating a single sign-on solution;
 Fully translate the site elements and all games titles;
 Integrate with 3rd party game developers, through the SkillPod API’s;

Benefits of the platform include:
 Full extension of the primary brand;
 Multiple revenue streams;
 Proven user retention and acquisition medium;

The strength of the platform lies in the architecture of the solution, with the backend platform being developed using Php and MySQL, the communication between the backend and the front end is controlled by the super-efficient XML API and the front end is based on widgets that can be tweaked and customised to meet the exact requirements of the client’s needs.
During the coming months, SkillPod will be focusing on forging additional alliances with premium 3rd party MMO and multi-player game developers and then adding these titles to their existing clients games portals, with the final piece in the puzzle being the planned expansion, with other key publishers, across the USA, Europe, Russia, Africa and Australia.

Screenshots of the new SyFy Games Portal:

New SyFyGames Portal New Features

New SyFyGames Portal New Features

New SyFyGames Portal New Features

New SyFyGames Portal New Features

Example of one of the Sony games portals:

Example of one of the Sony games portals

Example of one of the Sony games portals

About SkillPod Media:
SkillPod Media is a gaming platform solutions provider that offers localized white label games platforms (online, mobile and social) and games content to publishers across the globe.

Mark van Diggelen
T: @MarkvanDiggelen